Mamaskate - About

Mamaskate is proudly Latina owned and operated since 2018

I started skateboarding in Carson, California 15 years ago with my family. From a young age, I knew I wanted to make comfy skate pants with deep pockets for folks with curves. I lost my mom at age 11. My younger sisters and I were in and out of foster care. At 21, I was able to get guardianship of them. I kept skating but temporarily put my dreams of making pants on the back burner. Once the family was good, I decided it was time to make pants. I wanted to keep production local and learned the process in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. Today I have a team of strong women who help make Mamaskate a reality. We design and produce eco-friendly limited run unisex pants and shorts with pockets for days. Hope you dig them as much as I do <3

Marissa Martinez

CEO of Mamaskate


Shot by Nicolas Delvalle